Without you

The promise of a new hope
Stole you from my weakened arms
You ran with them in the wind
But left me behind to rot
With skin long gone from decay
I bite my tongue now stained red
From the blood filling my mouth
I begged you not to leave me
I tried to hold on to you
But my hands grew stiff and numb
From the ice that left your lips
A bitterness plagues my mind
I contracted it from yours
I allowed it to fester
I let it cloud my judgement
But I will rise above you
I won’t pick you up again
When they let you fall to Earth
I will grow back healthier
Than I ever was with you



A bit of imagery

The moon hung on a string as stars, like drops of silver, danced around it. The cool mid-autumn air whispered through the evergreen trees whose sap filled the space with a clean, sweet scent. The night held the living forest with a fondness. Cradled within the velvet dark, creatures who dwell in the thick night sing a song only heard by those who venture with the moon. Cars, whose headlight rip through the peaceful dark , dive on a near empty road. The sound of their engines stir the melodious song conducted by the unseen, but the forest sings on. The moon continues its journey across the sky, bringing with it dawn. The promise of light calms the ever living night. 




Hello. I can see you creeping up to me. I can see your skeletal hands beckoning me. I want to welcome you. I want to go with your cold arms wrapped around mine. To see what is beyond this reality I’ve been stuck in. You’re closer now. So close I can smell the rot of your breath and see the decay on your skin. If I go with you, will I be able to see the world like I did when I was young? I can feel your thin fingers pierce the delicate skin on my wrist as you pull me to come, but I don’t want to follow you. I can still turn this around. I don’t need you yet. I’ve managed to shake you off. Your crumpled, defeated frame lays at my feet. The glint in your eye telling me it’s not over yet. I run. Cold air burns in my lungs and my feet struggle to keep up, but I’ve escaped. The terrain has become uneven. My foot catches on a root of a tree long dead, causing my knee to slam into the hard ground. Dirt cakes into the creases of my hands and my knee protests, but I still stand. You’ve caught up. The allure of your offer sits in the air. Give up and come with you or fight. If I give up, will my sisters be alright? If I give up, will it be easier? No. My sisters will not be ok if I go. It will not be easier if I follow you. I will fight.

Late night thoughts

My mind is clumsy

it does what it wants

not what I wish

I don’t like being alone

but being alone is my strength

the only way for me survive

living is something

I’m bad at

I have dreams but no will

I’m lazy I guess

I don’t want to be lazy though

but some days my mind won’t work

and my legs won’t push myself from my bed

I know I’m not insane but

Words don’t form sentences and

sentences don’t form paragraphs

I’m a chameleon

one day I’m pink and the next purple

I like how the moon looks like lace

some people don’t get what I mean

I guess it looks more like lace with cigarette burns

cigarettes are killers

At least that what I’ve been told

what if it’s a lie

it could be

but probably not

I don’t know where to go

I’m not scared

I’ve always wanted to be a bird

to feel the air claw at my face

but flying is danger

and danger is bad

I wonder what the world would be like

if I hadn’t been born

obviously the world wouldn’t change

but mine would


*Explanation: I just wrote the first things that came to mind. It turned out weird.



A heart full of flowers 

With a suffocating beauty 

Each break, a bud blooms 

They grow out  the throat 

Brilliant petals with a beautiful story 

The forgotten die, yet hold their color 

Eyes lined with petals and leaves 

Obscuring the view 

A flower full of wonder 



Protesting didn’t get you anywhere


So sit and wait

Let winter turn to Spring

Spring into Summer

Summer into Fall

Fall into winter

Dreams are more powerful than bullets

They’re dangerous

Don’t let them stain your fragile mind